Nov 20, 2015

graduation day

Salam alaykum
This is a very expired story
I graduated last year
At Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

I went there earlier because have to come to the rehearsal and they will tell you the do's and
don'ts during the ceremony

Have to get our robe first
I so happy to meet my friends
It was almost 6 months we didnt get to see each other

The early birds...really jealous.. showing off those bags

I was on flight to Senai International Airport
Nothing could make me happier even when my pre-ordered pasta that I just knew should be fetched before boarding the flight..such a waste

Most of us girls stayed nazeerah's house before our family arrived on the graduation day
While other stayed at the hostel or homestay nearby

First we went to Giant to have dinner and bought some necessaries
A drama happened here
While we were searching for parking
I as the driver unknowingly had steered to the automated exit
With our parking coupon not even paid
I had to carefully drive backwards as other cars are approaching the exit
Then the guard came looking really mad..
I felt like covering my face the whole time
I managed to led my friends and I out of those stabbing looks we got
I cried a little when we finally managed to secure a spot
But I quickly recovered and had my ownself back
Bought my first shades
I spent my night with my long missed friend..rose

The next day we went to Puteri Harbour
we camwhored at the jetty and went to Hello Kitty Anniversary celebration at Nusajaya

The background...i love

Danga Bay at night

Lining up

Ballons..ballons..and a happy me

The best thing if you are the last make a happy mess..hehe

Thank you to Allah swt, my parents, lecturers, family and friends for all these 3 years
I really appreciate all the hardwork and studying together.

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