Mar 25, 2014

get it right

"Men need to Understand about Women that they need reassurance of love. Women want to feel loved and appreciated. Biggest problem here is men take women's love for granted. Question for men is, are you showing it? Men are logical and rational thinking. He thinks just because he is providing for the wife or "paying the rent" that is enough love. Women think differently from men. Give her physical and verbal reassurance. Companionship is valuable in a husband and wife relationship so tell her your fears and worries. Being open can be difficult for men but trust your wife and seek her advise. When she is emotional don't just walk away, rather listen to her. She wants to handle her feelings in your company. She wants to connect with you. A woman's thought process is different from a man."

it's on fb..

Mar 18, 2014


serious..sudah jatuh cinta..
jatuh cinta dengan apa yang ada..
tidak bermakna cinta dunia..
cuma bersyukur apa yang ada..
lama tak update..
agak sibuk..
thesis advance..on the way..submit on this coming sunday..
just met nabila aisyah wan and atenn..
get ready for the last fight..
life has just begin..