Apr 16, 2016

girls day out..part 2

so sorry I've delayed this post longer than I imagined..
the weather was fine and juat nice for outdoor activities
we arrived and setup the place..
greet averyone and had breakfast..
 the first activity is team building..
we played interesting game..
I cant forget the 'wet blanket' game..
we used a blanket..yeesss..you read it right..
two person need to hold it at both ends
facing the blanket there are another two person..
so when the blanket is dropped..
they have to guess each others name..whether she is studying or working..
all the participants really enjoyed this..
and we extend this game a little longer..

Next, is the Explorace..
I cant join this because I had a baby..
so I was left at the Amphitheater..
during this time..we was nearly attacked by the wild monkeys there..
they're attracted to our foods..
you should see the food we all brought..
we had to cover with canvas so that the monkeys would not come..

After that..everyone ate..to their hearts contents..
I should get the recipe from my tutor..
the Mediterranean salad..

after lunch..we have prize giving ceremony..
and everyone was happy..they really enjoyed this program..
If there a chance..may God gave us the oppurtunity to held this event in the future.