Feb 22, 2016

wisdom words from umi..

Two weeks ago..my mother was here attending a seminar and she message me telling that.

I was happy and looking forward to meet her..but in the end we cant make it because we have to entertain a crowd with food (my husband a caterer..fyi)

I got really pissed off..and was mad him..
I nearly make him buy a ticket back to penang..

Just as we are on the way to pack my clothes and all..I call my mom..asking can I go to penang..

My mom..as matured as can be gave me some words of wisdom..I cant help but cried for being selfish..cold-hearted wife..

Still many things to learn and be matured about..

And for one thing..my husband working hours are not like others..
We got to wake up early to cook and prepare things especially if its wedding event..

So there no holiday..when its holiday..hehe 

I just wanna thank god for me the advice and person I to look up to in hard times..

May Allah bless..mom
And give her a garden full of orchids in heaven.