Dec 13, 2015

short getaway

I just came back from a short getaway with family
Abah, Umi, my brothers, my baby and me.

My hubs need to settle things for work so he didn't came along 

Our first stop was Anjung Selera Pak Hamid at Ayer Keroh, Melaka.
For me the dishes were just average but the price homaigoddd..better not come back here..huhu 

My favourite chicken soup at Air Tawar 4, Johor Lama.
This was our dinner by the way.

Then for a bed to spend the night, abah drove us to Bob's Village

I really love this peaceful 

We stop by the Muzium Johor Lama.
The castle was bombed by the Portugese army.
It is built facing the sea at the highest peak of a hill for surveillance from enemies.

Our seafood brunch
These consists of 3 types of clams (which I really didn't know their names), belangkas (king crab) and ikan pari masak asam pedas (stingray cooked with spicy gravy)

The delicacy I was holding is called pepes.
A Sunda appetizer..really yumsss

 What no pearls here?

Then we continue our journey to opah's house in Jengka.
Opah haven't  met her great-granchildren yet.

I forgot to snap ikan patin masak tempoyak and udang galah masak lemak.

But I have learnt the masak lemak-Perak style.
Very easy..I try it later.
Now I'm going to start to work.
Please pray everything will be okay.

Dec 4, 2015

my favourite lunch

Just had my lunch (late lunch actually)
Rushed to Econsave to buy groceries
Thank god my daughter behaved nicely even she's hungry (sucking her fist sometimes)

Went home and quickly washed the chicken, and brokoli
Put in water into a pan
Add the main ingredients with some salt and Knorr's chicken cube
Let simmer until the chicken are cooked

Actually this method is quite safe because during this process my princess cried and I have to hold her while getting the dishes cooked
But still it is dangerous to hold a child while cooking

Dec 3, 2015

my baby

Now my baby is almost 4 month
She can roll over and lie on her stomach
Then she try to lift her head
With much determination
She's strong lady...I can feel it

Just last night, the two of us were praying then she started crying softly
At first it was slow and it stops..
Then it got louder and more intense
She have rolled over and choking very miserably
I had to admit this
Felt so sorry for her
When we finished our prayer, rushed to lift her up
And she was still choking
Held her flat on her tummy
And out came all the dinner (milk..of course)
Umi really sorry for letting you on your own