Jan 22, 2016

a little girl at heart

Just now I went to the hypermarket to buy my daughter's diapers.
Just after entering the entrance..there's a toyshop..its looks soo welcoming..
I cant even take my eyes off.
It makes me remember my childhood instantly.
The seller is very friendly and if not because the money.
I think I will buy the whole shop..sheeesshh
He kept showing many toys to A'ishah..but unfortunately my daughter is not in her good mood..she didnt smile a bit.
I think she's sleepy..because she kept yawning.

Robocar poli also wants a selfie..hehe

Jan 21, 2016

girls day out..(the planning and rushing to buy things)

Insyaallah..this weekend I will be out in the sun..
Hehe such a long time since I last when to the lake and make my abs work..

Pray for me..being all sweat and still smile.

This gathering will be a green one..everyone need to bring their own eating utensils so that we could minimise the use of polysterin..

One of this new year resolution
To a more healthy lifestyle..and greener Earth

Jan 17, 2016

Amirul Catering..the intro

As the title it is..the both of us run this business 
Its a family business actually 
If you need any catering for upcoming events..feel free to contact 
Amirul 013 6445905 / 018 6604955

And ohh..we're based in Kota Kemuning but we also serves for customers in Bangi, Putrajaya, Damansara and other nearby places.

tumpang letak resepi

Memandangkan resepi selalu share kt internet soo..nk simpan screenshot resepi kt sini..hehe

Jan 9, 2016

going through time..

Looking back at the sweet times we had together
I pray to God to always bless our journey together
I'm now in a phase that I will easily got angry even for the slightest reason
Baby crying due to loud voice by the father
Just cant help
But I will always seek his forgiveness
And hope to be better in the future

May this new year gave us a good start to everything

Jan 2, 2016

Syida's wedding

Went to penang attend my friend wedding

Sorry a bit late for this..this event was on 26 Dec..
My bad for not updating this sooner..
Next..post will be my brothers depared to Sudan today