Nov 5, 2015

first time mothers : what to expect

salam alaykum to all readers..
really sorry for this hello-anybody-home phase there's so much to juggle between my role as wife and freshie mother

now cut the crap and straight to the point
what to expect as first timers

1  get all the rest you need before the baby arrives (then thank me later)

2 trust your instincts - nowadays with many source of guide from books and
   the internet (your baby has its own your heart go for it)

3 learn from others - read as much possible..share experience with other mothers,
   increase your knowledge in breastfeeding, homeschooling, vaccination and etc

4 dont get easily depressed

5 enjoy your time with the baby

I think may be useful to any mothers out there, so much I want to write and share
really happy to continue blogging again

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