Nov 23, 2015

childhood memories

I was browsing through the fb and found this photos

Name card with addres, phone numbers and quotes..then you give them to your friends

A type of gum that you have to blow through the yellow stick to make balloon

Childhood favourite food..or junk food I would say

Pencil case with open and close..
It can be use on both sides too

Paper dolls with dresses, shoes, hats

Jalur Gemilang with candies in it...
Really enjoying the patriotisme

What's your childhood memories?

Nov 20, 2015

graduation day

Salam alaykum
This is a very expired story
I graduated last year
At Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

I went there earlier because have to come to the rehearsal and they will tell you the do's and
don'ts during the ceremony

Have to get our robe first
I so happy to meet my friends
It was almost 6 months we didnt get to see each other

The early birds...really jealous.. showing off those bags

I was on flight to Senai International Airport
Nothing could make me happier even when my pre-ordered pasta that I just knew should be fetched before boarding the flight..such a waste

Most of us girls stayed nazeerah's house before our family arrived on the graduation day
While other stayed at the hostel or homestay nearby

First we went to Giant to have dinner and bought some necessaries
A drama happened here
While we were searching for parking
I as the driver unknowingly had steered to the automated exit
With our parking coupon not even paid
I had to carefully drive backwards as other cars are approaching the exit
Then the guard came looking really mad..
I felt like covering my face the whole time
I managed to led my friends and I out of those stabbing looks we got
I cried a little when we finally managed to secure a spot
But I quickly recovered and had my ownself back
Bought my first shades
I spent my night with my long missed friend..rose

The next day we went to Puteri Harbour
we camwhored at the jetty and went to Hello Kitty Anniversary celebration at Nusajaya

The background...i love

Danga Bay at night

Lining up

Ballons..ballons..and a happy me

The best thing if you are the last make a happy mess..hehe

Thank you to Allah swt, my parents, lecturers, family and friends for all these 3 years
I really appreciate all the hardwork and studying together.

Nov 14, 2015

missing the prophet Muhammad s.a.w

"Imagine...sitting with your spouse in Jannah. And then deciding what the plans would be for that day...

Should we go outside, sit on our thrones, with waterfalls of milk and honey flowing beneath us? And enjoy a cup of Jannah wine, while smelling the sweet scent of Jannah musk?

Should we go to the souq, the market place, and meet all of our old friends that we used to kick it off with in the dunya, and talk about what dunya was like, and how we all made it here, and how Allah (swt) bestowed His favor upon us?

And then your spouse says, you know what, how about we go visit the Prophet (saw) today. And so you and your spouse, go hands in hand, walking towards the house of the Prophet (saw).

You pass by the homes of Talha and Zubair (ra) and you say salaam to them. And then you go and knock on the door of the Prophet (saw) in Jannah.

And lo and behold, Rasulullah (saw) opens, with a big smile on his face, and says Ahlan wa Marhaban, Welcome, and embraces you.

And invites you to sit inside his home, in his noble living room, and sits right across from you and asks you if would like a cup of Jannah tea.

And you sit in the home of the Prophet (saw) and Rasulullah (saw) gives you a cup of tea. And he sits infront of you and gives you his undivided attention.

Imagine what that discussion would be like...what would you tell him? what would you ask him?

Would you tell him about your favorite moment in the seerah? Or would you ask him what Taif was really like? and how he still managed to remember us, as the blood spilled from his noble face?

But in Jannah, there are no more tears and no more fears....Just the sweetness of success and sacrifices.

Imagine him (saw) telling you an inside joke between him and Aisha (ra)? Or the time he (saw) caught Anas (ra) playing with kids, instead of running errands?

What if Rasulullah (saw) told you how he remembered YOU, or how he knew YOUR name, and longed for the moment he would meet YOU?

What if Rasulullah (saw) told you, that I remember when your salam reached me, and I answered Walaykumusalam so and so.

What if, at the end of that conversation, the Prophet (saw) extended his hand and offered you a sip of water, after which again you would never feel thirst, not physically nor spiritually....

For the only sight more noble and beautiful than the face of Muhammad (saw),  is the face of the Lord of Muhammad (saw), and the Lord of you.

And for that, all you have to do is look up...and you will see Allah (swt)...

Because in Al Firdos, you will never be left to imagine again....

(Imam Omar Suleman)

Nov 11, 2015

getting interviewed..

good night everyone
hoping you all sleep well tonight
tomorrow got to work..I'm a housewife *for this time being*

I just wanna share that i was just being interviewed this afternoon
my husband just called and told me to get ready
and I was like "yeah..yeah..i will"
and continued to guess how to put my email on the blog
*ok...I sound so stupid here..

THEN AT 11.56

my husband arrived and was shocked looking at me
still with the phone in the hand and wearing kaftan
he must be really disguised with his wife...pffftt
so I get up and quickly get ready and was on our way to the office

the truth is
I'm really not prepared for this interview
different from my previous workplace
I didn't get interviewed either..(how cool is that..they just tell you to sit down and key in such data)

Everything was smooth..from the job scope to where I want my office would be
The hardest part was the salary
I cant figured how much was sensible for me
And I didn't see it coming either..(what kind of employee is this)
Just made a little calculation and with much hesitation just spit it up..
"Ummm..about 1k or 1,200"
"Ok..but as you know the decision is made by the it will be more or less"

I was grateful even if I got less than I expected (even with this GST era)

So that's interview story..
Hope you would take some lesson from me..
Always have the expected salary in mind..

Nov 10, 2015

labour story..a long one..hehe

A very good morning to all of you.

So get the engine about my labour story..i was felling like wanna share with someone or anyone..hehe

I was still pregnant a week after the due date and believe it I was so happy going to open houses and eating all foods that I know I can't have during confinement..(it was raya..cant just glanced at the ketupat and laksa)

At some point I got nervous and started texting my friend and umi asking what to do since baby is still happy living in mommy..hee

My friends even make jokes
"Has hajar delivered yet? "
"I dont think so...she just comment on my instagram...haha"
See a should-be-in-labour mother really got attention..*flips shawl*

7 Aug
So after having husband and I went straightaway for our appoinment..
Arrived there and have to wait for like half an hour..peeing in a small bottle(i dont know exactly what they called it)
Sitting..looking at the phone

And then.."Puan Hajar"
Really happy to see the gynae
She checked on my pregnancy card and pissed off
"You're a week late for labour..why dont you come here ealier"
I was like "Whatttt.."
I really dont know that the as edd got nearer then I have to meet the gynae every single week
The nurse got a good lecture on this..
The painful part was the doctor got her hands up your vagina and the next thing is hurting you Etc walking..sitting down slowly..felt like crying
I got to my husband who were soundly sleeping in the car..really sorry to wake him up..but this time he have to..we're going to have a baby
The nurse said to come back in 3 pm and if i'm not dilated then they have to induce me
So scaryyy...i heard stories induction make you endure the pain longer and you're not even in labour stage
I shivered at the thought
So going back home..and being stubborn not going back to the hospital
I sleep a little after getting a phone call from my gynae asking why im not on their bed*she didnt say this..hehe

8 Aug
At 4am there was a sharp pain at the back..
And it kept coming frequently..
I thought "that's it...cant stand it anymore"
Perform morning prayer and packed the kain batik..we when to the hospital

I cant eat anymore..just drink honey-flavoured-drink and eating dates will do..
The contraction was getting harsh..i just lay down on my side and getting someone to rub my umi, mil and husband taking their turns rubbing me..comforting..offering drinks..
I was really happy that my parents come all their way from penang for a meeting and I was on labour tooo...thank god..having my loved ones with me..

I got annoyed this one time when I was so in pain that I kept saying "sakit....sakit.."
And he was like "jangan fikir sakit tu.."
say what...if it was not for his child..I wont endure this...
the nurse came in checking my dilation..just a little opened..
and she came back and inserted a liquid into your butt..then the next you find yourself in the toilet..
messaged my friends in our wapps group asking for their dua's...
In the afternoon..the contraction coming even frequently just by seconds interval...
I cant keep it anymore..felt like doing my business on the bed
The nurse came rushing..felt really stupid because they said it loud..
"Oh's green..the baby really is coming out"
I bet everyone heard us..dont mind we paid you for this
In the labour room..had to wait like years before the doctor arrived
She was late because there was a lot of lorry on the road
How come lorries so many in the afternoon
I used to think lorries move in the middle of the night
I have to take a couple rounds of pushing and breathing in...then the baby was out..
She's all swollen and her skin was red..
My husband stayed with me..holding my hand during labour..and just after the baby was safely delivered..he left me because he felt light-headed..seeing all this bloody stuff

After that i got stiched up and was very weak to even move a muscle..why cant i just rest here a little more..
I got on another bed before they wheeled me to my room
Thank goodness I got a room all to myself..
I would be depressed if I was with other mothers..because it was so noisy..chattering and children screaming

I felt very cold..I asked to cover my feet and even off the fan..
Being in labour sure is energy-consuming even to heat up your body
Drank a cupful of milo and asked innocently for rice..
after that i got to breastfeed my baby
a little pain in the nipple because isnt used
to it
All was good..everyone was happy..and I even got to text my friends
They all wished me happy things and I slept soundly that night with my mil on the right and my baby girl on my left
Now...I'm a mother

Nov 5, 2015

first time mothers : what to expect

salam alaykum to all readers..
really sorry for this hello-anybody-home phase there's so much to juggle between my role as wife and freshie mother

now cut the crap and straight to the point
what to expect as first timers

1  get all the rest you need before the baby arrives (then thank me later)

2 trust your instincts - nowadays with many source of guide from books and
   the internet (your baby has its own your heart go for it)

3 learn from others - read as much possible..share experience with other mothers,
   increase your knowledge in breastfeeding, homeschooling, vaccination and etc

4 dont get easily depressed

5 enjoy your time with the baby

I think may be useful to any mothers out there, so much I want to write and share
really happy to continue blogging again