Dec 2, 2012

sometimes the less you know the better..huh

It’s just a fact that can’t be denied..
The more you grow up..there are many incidents that make you angry, hatred, and feel like the world is not on your that’s the unique way of god to make you feel the need of Him..

How can we the hapless one not feel this..even as a baby..feel the need of its can us..just think about it..
Honestly..Sometimes I feel really bad..because many incidents happens especially those that does not feel good for us..but it’s the best in his knowledge and wisdom..the Almighty Allah..he who does not turn back to us..never..

But us..always keep forgetting despite all the needs that he gave us..the air..the water..the peace in our life..all those we need..
There’s time for us to turn back ,reflect and do the best for tomorrow..
After all this years I have made up my little mind to keep out of others business until the person really really need help or advice or an ear to listen..and that just that..

I don’t mean that I ignore my brothers and sisters in Palestine, Rohingya, Southern Thailand and other parts of the world..I mean business here is their own personal business ..
I don’t mean that I’m a meddling little creature always poking my nose into others..
Let the problem be there’s…
Let give this episode a stop..
I’m tired..