Aug 15, 2012

memory lane..[as a little girl]

as a little girl..
i always wondered what it is like to go to school..
it will be really awesome..
looking into the bright days..i was so thankful for what i learned so much in life..
it is my environment that make up the inside of me..
those do's and don'ts..its just the way we all should be..

once i always thought that cabs and buses are for those who are really rich..
but then it is a public transport for anyone to go anywhere..
i really missed my childhood a lot...really missed 99 times..
on rainy days..we will play together with my abah or father..splashing each other..pretending that our territory is taken by enemies and all that..
it's really a memory..
maybe i have used up my chidhood really maximum..
so now i thought i'm ready for this so-called-adult life...maybe..

a lot of thank you..for those who helped me to grow up..
and be

there's so many challenge ahead better get prepared..
the sooner the better..~

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