Nov 25, 2009

what's the point of living....

in our everyday routine..there must be something we want to achieve...and the goal must be set...example for those who are sitting for they're SPM exam....surely have set an aim..or how much A's they will for the others who are not involved in SPM...surely have planned for an interesting vacation a FULL-TIME MUSLIM STUDENT....managing your time sometimes can be as challenging as can be...futhermore it is really important for a next-year SPM candidates as me...we just not have to excel in our academics but also in our da'wah and a triple effort must be friends and i have been discussing this agenda many times in our conversation...and many solutions came...but now the time has come we are on our way to make this as a training ground(home)...and using the best the time ALLAH has provide us with amal soleh so that on JUDGEMENT DAY we can represent ALLAH with the best deed we have done during our life...for those out still have time to mend your attitude and upgrade your hidden abilities...and show the world a new side of yourself..

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