Sep 5, 2013

me my family and thailand..

this trip was on 31 may 2013..
we as a family minus my brother who was mesir studying there..
there are many exciting place to visit..which you wont regret..

first we started the journey from home early in the morning..heading north to perlis..passing the malaysia-thailand border..
we first stopped at Thaleeban Waterfall, it was raining renyai-renyai *tak tahu dlm english apa*
lepas tue pergi ke rumah pak cik nuri..the van was exciting travelling in a spacious vehicles which you can stand up without hesitation..

we first spend the night in hotel toyota..*my mom gave that name* for the van..
at the first sight of sunlight we are about half away from our destination..

swiss sheep farm..tak sempat masuk dah tutup..tapi takpa..kawan abah cakap yg penting dh sampai..

this is at tesco lotus..ada bekas air panas yang digunkan untuk celup these forks, spoon, etc
very hygienic..!

i got this shoes at tesco..really comfortable..just RM 25 or 250 baht..something you don't get here..

this is the flower and my parents have to get a tut-tut early in the order to get there in time..even with some miscommunication..we manage to get there at last..the air was walking in a flower garden..
River Kwai atau Jambatan Keretapi Maut
ramai yang terkorban dalam pembinaan jambatan ini..yaaa..jambatan besi yang berwarna hitam itu..

now at the theme park..
at our own country we didn't really go to such places..
many constraints : money time holiday..
it was a adrenaline-rise experience..see that curving..yes i have ride those..thank god..

there are many things that i will not forgot about thailand..

1 # 7eleven : where u can go in and come out with goods you hesitate to buy in malaysia..there is also fresh greeeneries..facial cleanser without chemical..beverages 

2 # at the beach at night : my father and the 5 of us was strolling around and there was a man doing a show using fire from his mouth..he was breathing fire..haha

3 # the hotel : naris phu view... i love the simple decoration..

cantik kaaann..abah siap melawak "haa..nanti kalau sesapa kawen boleh buat camni.."

esok dah nak balik..kita makan dulu..

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