Nov 11, 2015

getting interviewed..

good night everyone
hoping you all sleep well tonight
tomorrow got to work..I'm a housewife *for this time being*

I just wanna share that i was just being interviewed this afternoon
my husband just called and told me to get ready
and I was like "yeah..yeah..i will"
and continued to guess how to put my email on the blog
*ok...I sound so stupid here..

THEN AT 11.56

my husband arrived and was shocked looking at me
still with the phone in the hand and wearing kaftan
he must be really disguised with his wife...pffftt
so I get up and quickly get ready and was on our way to the office

the truth is
I'm really not prepared for this interview
different from my previous workplace
I didn't get interviewed either..(how cool is that..they just tell you to sit down and key in such data)

Everything was smooth..from the job scope to where I want my office would be
The hardest part was the salary
I cant figured how much was sensible for me
And I didn't see it coming either..(what kind of employee is this)
Just made a little calculation and with much hesitation just spit it up..
"Ummm..about 1k or 1,200"
"Ok..but as you know the decision is made by the it will be more or less"

I was grateful even if I got less than I expected (even with this GST era)

So that's interview story..
Hope you would take some lesson from me..
Always have the expected salary in mind..

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